We are "The King of Spas" in Tallahassee. Our staff member Blake Watson has helped over 1000 families make their backyard a Relaxation Destination. Having been in the Spa business for over 20 years we take great pride in offering a variety of 40 different Spas and 12 Swim Spas that offer exceptional value.  We have Spas and Swim Spas to meet every need, with every shape and size, and tons of options. When we opened our store we sourced the highest quality and value spas available.  Here we offer 2 lines spas, Dimension 1 Spas is a California based company that has been around 40 years. With the most cutting edge design and fun they were a perfect fit for us. Premium Leisure Spas are a Florida based company that has been around over 20 years.  There is nothing better than a local business to partner with,
This could be your backyard!

If you are someone who wants the best of everything, a swim spa is for you.  A swim spa will transform your backyard into a sanctuary of wellness and family entertainment.  Whether your needs are therapeutic benefits of a "Hot Tub", or the training benefits of a resistive stream"swim spa", you will find the variety and features of our aquatic training systems and swim spas, an exceptional value.

If a traditional pool is out of your budget or if you simply don't have space for one, perhaps owing a swim spa is in your future.  Available in various sizes, these self-contained systems are easy to install and are an excellent alternative to owning and maintaining a swimming pool.  Better yet, they come with a variety of features and benefits such as hydrotherapy seating, LED lighting, sound systems and maintenance friendly sanitation systems, all designed to maximize your ownership experience.  It's your space and time, you should enjoy it to the fullest.